Difference Between Raw Honey and Regular Honey

If you are a fan of honey, then you might have heard about raw honey and regular honey. Although both types of honey come from bees, they do differ in various ways. In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about raw honey and regular honey.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is typically collected straight from the beehive without undergoing any processing or filtration methods. It usually comes with some wax particles and bee pollen suspended inside it. The flavor profile of raw honey can vary depending on its source and seasonality.

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One thing that sets raw honey apart from other kinds of sweeteners is its nutritional value. Since it has undergone no processing whatsoever, all the nutrients found in natural flower nectar are still present in raw honey – these include antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins B6 & C as well as amino acids.

Besides being an excellent nutrient source for our bodies when consumed regularly; many people also believe that consuming local raw honeys may reduce allergies symptoms due to exposing their immune system to trace amounts of local pollens found within them.

Regular Honey

The most common type of commercialized processed-to-death “honey” on supermarket shelves would fall under this category – unfortunately there really isn’t anything glamorous about ‘regular’ or conventional processed honeys for consumers seeking health benefits besides using them simply as an added sweetener…

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Most brands subject their products through ultrafiltration techniques which remove almost all traces of pollen content amongst other things like heat treatments used to extend shelf life leading towards destroying much if not all valuable nutrients too through high heat pasteurization processes before bottling- so there really isn’t much left once labeled “honey.”

The problem here is than oftentimes these big box stores import large quantities cheap low-quality honeys mixed with sugar syrup blends made outside your country often containing nasty chemicals such as pesticides which can be quite harmful to us after prolonged ingestion over time.

So, What’s the Verdict?

While both types of honey are sweet and can be used in a variety of ways, it is essential to know that they differ significantly. Raw honey retains all its natural nutrients while regular honey has been processed and filtered until there is little or no pollen content left within it.

If you value your health and want an all-natural source of sweetness without added chemicals then always go for raw local honeys; however if you just want something sweet as a treat with no other benefits except taste then any run-of-the-mill regular refined ones will do!

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