Is Honey Considered Raw Meat?

Many people who follow a raw diet are concerned about eating foods that have been cooked or processed in any way. One question that frequently arises is whether honey is considered a raw food or not. After all, it’s made by bees and doesn’t undergo any significant processing before being harvested. However, some people argue that consuming honey goes against the principles of a truly raw diet because it involves exploiting an animal for food.

The Definition of Raw Food

Before we can answer the question of whether honey is considered raw meat or not, we need to first look at what the definition of “raw” means when it comes to food. Generally speaking, when someone refers to a food as being “raw,” they mean that it hasn’t been subjected to high levels of heat or other forms of processing.

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When it comes to plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, this typically means eating them fresh and uncooked (although dehydrating certain fruits and vegetables may still be allowed). For animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs – which aren’t typically eaten on a strict raw vegan diet – the rules around what constitutes “raw” can be more complicated.

What About Honey?

So where does honey fit into this equation? From one perspective, you could argue that honey is indeed a raw food since it’s produced by bees without needing to be heated up or otherwise processed in any major way.

However, others might contend that consuming honey isn’t truly consistent with following an entirely plant-based raw vegan lifestyle since harvesting honey from bees requires exploiting animals for their labor (in some cases over-harvesting hives) – something many vegans consider unethical.

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Another point worth considering is how much heating has occurred during the production process: commercial beekeepers often filter out pollen and wax bits from collected honeys through straining—a heating process known as pasteurization—even if minimally. Raw honey, on the other hand, undergoes no heat treatment whatsoever.


In conclusion, whether honey is considered raw or not depends largely on your definition of “raw” and what you consider acceptable within the context of a raw vegan diet. If you’re following a strict plant-based lifestyle with a focus on minimizing harm to animals as much as possible, consuming honey might be something that doesn’t align with those values. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable including it in your diet and believe it provides health benefits worth pursuing then by all means do so! Ultimately each person must make their own decision based on their individual beliefs about what constitutes “raw” eating.

So while some may argue that consuming honey goes against the principles of being completely raw (and vegan), others would argue otherwise. It’s up to each individual to decide for themselves what they believe is right when it comes to this question.

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