Is Honey Raw Meat? Debunking Myths

For those who follow a raw diet, there can often be confusion about what foods are considered “raw” and what foods are not. One particular food that has sparked controversy is honey. Some people argue that because it comes from bees, which are animals, honey should not be included in a raw diet. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth! In this post, I will debunk this myth and explain why honey is indeed considered a raw food.

What Does “Raw” Mean?

Before delving into the topic of whether or not honey is considered raw meat, it’s important to define what we mean by “raw.” In general, when someone refers to a food as being “raw,” they mean that the food has not been cooked or heated above a certain temperature (usually around 118 degrees Fahrenheit). This preserves enzymes and other nutrients that might otherwise be destroyed during cooking.

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The Truth About Honey

So where does honey fit into all of this? First of all, it’s important to note that bees do NOT count as meat. While they are members of the animal kingdom, they are insects rather than mammals like cows or pigs. Therefore any product derived from bees (such as pollen or royal jelly) would still qualify as a vegetarian or vegan option.

Furthermore, while honey does require some processing before it ends up on store shelves (namely filtering out impurities), it is never heated above pasteurization temperatures. This means that even commercially produced honeys can technically be considered “raw.”

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – many health experts agree that consuming small amounts of locally sourced unfiltered/raw/unpasteurized/honey may offer benefits against allergies due to bee pollen content found in these honeys.

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In conclusion: no matter how you look at it – scientifically speaking- honey cannot possibly count as meat . This means that it can be safely included in a raw diet without compromising its nutritional value. In fact, honey has been used for centuries as both a food and medicine due to its many health benefits (including antioxidant properties and antibacterial effects). So go ahead – drizzle some raw honey on your fruits or add it to your smoothies without any worries!

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