Is Unfiltered Honey The Same As Raw Honey?

If you’re interested in a raw diet, chances are you’re also looking for natural sweeteners to add flavor to your meals. Honey is one of the most popular choices, but there’s often confusion around whether unfiltered honey and raw honey are the same thing.

What Is Unfiltered Honey?

Unfiltered honey is simply that – it has not been filtered to remove impurities such as beeswax or propolis. This means that some particles may still be present in the honey, giving it a cloudy appearance and slightly thicker texture than filtered honey.

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It’s worth noting that even though unfiltered honey may contain small particles, it should still be free from any harmful additives or preservatives.

What Is Raw Honey?

Raw honey differs from regular processed honey because it is not heated or pasteurized in any way. This means it retains all of its natural enzymes and antioxidants which can provide numerous health benefits such as anti-bacterial properties and allergy relief.

Raw honey tends to have a more opaque appearance due to tiny crystallized particles visible within the liquid itself. It’s also known for having a stronger taste than processed honeys since none of its natural flavors are removed during processing.

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So Are They The Same Thing?

In short, no – while both types maintain their natural qualities, they differ in their production methods. Filtered or strained honeys go through additional steps before reaching consumers’ hands; sometimes these processes involve high heat which strips nutrients away from the final product!

While this does not necessarily make filtered honeys ‘bad’, those seeking nutrient-dense foods like many advocates for raw diets certainly prefer something closer to what nature provides us with directly — via harvesting straight from hive cells without exposing them unnecessarily beforehand by filtering them out (among other things).

The lack of heating involved when making raw products preserves more vitamins minerals enzymes which promote overall better health than processed ones. So, while both options are good in terms of taste and quality, raw honey is considered the healthier choice.


In conclusion: Unfiltered honey is simply that- unfiltered. Raw honey has not been heated or pasteurized in any way throughout processing; so it retains all its natural nutrients from nature itself – making it a much more nutrient-dense option when compared to filtered honeys.

If you’re interested in incorporating raw honey into your diet, look for labels such as “raw” or “unprocessed” on the jar’s label to make sure you’re getting the good stuff!

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