Liquifying Raw Honey: Tips & Tricks

Raw honey is a delicious natural sweetener that also has amazing health benefits. However, sometimes it can crystallize or become too thick to use. This can be frustrating, especially when you need liquid honey for a recipe. Fear not! There are several ways to liquify raw honey without compromising its nutritional value.

Heating Method

The most common way of liquifying raw honey is by heating it in a water bath. Fill a pot with enough hot water to reach halfway up the jar of honey, then place the jar in the pot. Make sure there’s no cap on the jar before submerging it into the water bath.

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Heat your stove top on low heat; let the water warm gradually until reaching around 110°F–115°F (43°C–46°C). Any hotter than this temperature point may destroy vital enzymes present within raw honey causing loss of nutrition.

Stir occasionally until all crystals have dissolved and consistency returns to liquid form – usually takes about half an hour depending on how much Honey you have in Jar and how solidified It has gotten over time.

Sunlight Method

If you live in an area where sunlight is abundant, try placing your jar of solidified raw honey outside under direct sunlight exposure or next to window sill that receives sun rays during daytime hours.

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Keep checking every few hours until desired liquidity gets achieved as this method usually takes longer than other methods mentioned above but still relatively effective nonetheless yielding same results as any other technique used for liquefying raw Honey

Note: Do not leave out too long under extreme heat conditions such as excessive humidity like summertime mugginess because this could lead towards yeast formation which we want avoid at all costs since it will affect quality & taste negatively plus increased risk associated with contamination henceforth harming our body’s consumption needs from potential pathogens growth multiplication inside jars containing sweet nectar substance many love so much.

Blender Method

Another way to liquify raw honey is by using a blender. First, take out the amount of Honey you need from jar and put it in bowl or any container with enough depth to avoid splashing everywhere during blending process.

Next, slowly start blending at low speed until all crystals have dissolved and liquid consistency has returned before increasing speed gradually as much needed for effective mixing – usually takes about 2-3 minutes depending on how much Honey you are trying blend together. If your blender starts getting stuck or not moving properly then add little distilled water till everything goes smoothly as this can help loosen up thickened substance allowing easier liquefaction.

Once done, transfer back into original Jar and store under normal room temperature conditions so that it will stay liquid form for longer periods without turning solid once again. This method ensures complete homogeneity which other methods might not necessarily guarantee since manual stirring still leaves behind some undissolved particles giving rough texture when consumed leading towards unpleasant experience while eating something that could have been smooth & silky instead.


In conclusion, these tips should help get rid of crystallized honey quickly and easily without losing its beneficial properties. It’s important to remember that raw honey should never be heated above a certain temperature point because any hotter than what was mentioned may damage valuable nutrients found within naturally occurring ingredients present in Raw Honey like enzymes responsible for converting sugar into glucose-fructose compounds highly essential to our body functions overall well-being via proper metabolic activities henceforth aiding digestion processes plus much more!

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