Organic Raw Chocolate

Raw - Organic - Fair Trade - Non GMO - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Soy Free - No Refined Sugar - Paleo - Hand Crafted - DELICIOUS

Radiantly Raw

As one of the members of Nourish Organic Juice's new community kitchen (see here), Radiantly Raw is also only a month old as a business. Owner Jacquie Mosher recently relocated from Exeter, N.H., seeking to de-stress from conference coordinating and to pursue a passion instead. That passion is organic, gluten- and dairy-free raw chocolates made with four base ingredients: coconut oil, honey, cacao powder and vanilla extract.

Mosher calls them "superfoods," citing a multitude of health benefits. Other inputs like goji berries in her Power Flowers; almond butter in her hipster-mustache-shaped Sweet Staches; and cayenne and cinnamon in the gun-shaped Hot Shots are also healthful. New flavors and more playful designs, like the kid-friendly mini-dinosaurs, are on the way. But I'm already thoroughly bowled over by these excellent, naturally sweet and excessively rich goodies ($1.20 to $3). — Matthew Schniper

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