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Hungry Chicken Homestead Places to Shop on Small Business Saturday


Chickens do not like Black Friday.  For one, the idea of being crammed into a warehouse store with a whole bunch of other members of their species just sounds too much like factory farming.  They are also disturbed by the changes in prices.  Chickens do not like change, you know.

Accordingly, they recommend skipping Black Friday and shopping locally on Small Business Saturday.  It's much better.  No warehouses, the pace is slower and the food is much better.  I recommend it too.  It's an easy way to strengthen our local economy and find unique gifts.  And the chickens are right about the food.

Where to shop locally on Saturday

Local artisans and business go crazy making their stores beautiful and setting up special events for the holidays.  Trust me, this is a lot more fun than getting trampled in a chain store.

Colorado Springs Local Businesses

Rocky Mountain Soap Market

I love soap.  Not only does it keep me clean, but it also makes the bathroom smell nice.  I had the pleasure of spending lots of time smelling the soap at the new Rocky Mountain Soap Market on Tejon St. and interviewing the owner while she made lotion.  Click to read about this fun shop!  And then go get some of your own almond biscotti coffee soap ... 'cause I'm not sharing mine!

Colorado Springs Events to know about...

Here are a few other things you might like to know:

Do you know about other events involving locally owned businesses?  Let us know!Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup Outings

Are you interested in exploring the local food scene?  Join the Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup and receive invitations to local events, volunteer outings and visits to locally owned restaurants.  It's free to join and we even have some free events!

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