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Talking chocolate (ahead of the big day)

I know we haven't met and all, but you seem smart. (I mean, hey, you read the Indy, right?)

So you're probably thinking about buying chocolates tomorrow for your sweetie, or whatever the kids are calling their partners these days. I mean, not the young kids, 'cuz they just give silly Valentine's Day cards out with gross candy attached. They're too young for real romances. I mean the twentysomething "kids" who trend-set and stuff and probably call each other some hilariously culturally relevant thing based off some trending song or something. Whatever, I'm totally blowing my lede here — back to the point. 

See, if you are gonna buy your Schmoopy Poo or Ball & Chain or Scratching Post or Cellmate some chocolate, you may as well make sure it doesn't have lead in it (that's lead the metal versus "lede," the word journalists use to distinguish from lead). It's also nice to buy fair tradeand keep human slavery out of the mix if you can. (Yeah, not that kind of bondage we're seeking here, lover boys and girls.) 

One local option, in addition to that link to Yobel Market above, is a company I mentioned in yesterday's blog about the Achocalypse release party at Fossil Brewing CompanyRadiantly Raw

I swung by said party last eve because I'm a guy prone to chocolate and beer cravings and also cravings that involve beer with chocolate in it, because win-win, duh.

Below are a few pics from the event, where RR chocolates were paired with two house beers to play with different flavor combos. Yes, it was very much like that one time at Brewer's Republic— and hey, funny I should mention that because that's exactly where RR is going to be again tonight to pair chocolates with special Paradox Beer Company concoctions, "and it is going to be AWESOME!" says RR owner Jacquie Mosher.

Also watch this short video below of Mosher — who pronounces one ingredient really endearingly — introducing a special box she's recently assembled, with new items to her lineup. You can likely score one tonight or on the fly tomorrow if you're willing to pick it up at Fifty Fifty Coffee House, she says.

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