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The Catalyst: The Independent Student Newspaper of Colorado College

Written by Emily Kautz.

A pioneer in the raw chocolate business, Jacquie Mosher has been an advocate of raw food ever since she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia eight years ago. Constantly sick, she discovered the healing aspects of a raw food diet.

She began eating raw, and within a couple of weeks noticed an immediate difference. After a few years, Jacquie still feels the same way. “I’m functioning so much better now than I once was,” she said. “I definitely feel better when I’m on an all raw foods diet.”

Mosher became very involved in creating and experimenting with raw foods, especially raw chocolate. “Raw chocolate” is the unrefined fruit of the cacao tree without any added ingredients, and is processed at very low temperatures.

Benefits of raw chocolate range from having an anti-oxidizing effect on the body to boosting metabolism and lowering cholesterol.

“I really do find raw chocolate to be my multivitamin,” she explains. “When it’s not cooked at high temperatures, it is so nutrient dense that I think it’s essential to have in my diet.”

In Mosher’s crafted chocolates, she only uses superfoods. Superfoods get their name because they boast a multitude of health benefits. “We are constantly trying to use as many superfoods as possible, so that our products are nutrient dense in many ways,” she said.

Mosher’s biggest challenge as a small business owner has been educating the public on health foods and their benefits, but it’s been an exciting challenge all the way. (There are very few raw chocolate businesses out there, but Jacquie loves interacting with the small business community in Colorado Springs and supporting all local businesses, as well as drawing inspiration from the desires of the public.) There are chocolates for holidays (most recently the Easter season has brought us Carrot Cake Truffles and “Radbury” Eggs) and chocolates to meet specific cravings and food intolerances.

Mosher’s favorite part of the job is product development. Her passion is developing new recipes on a constant basis to provide new and exciting flavors to the public.

The bestseller by far is the Salty Heart, their flagship chocolate. Made with unrefined coconut oil and Colorado honey, it’s a light, sweet piece of heaven. Another essential is the Pecan Turtle. It took a lot of work to develop a Paleo caramel, made from a date base with coconut milk and almond butter.

“When we have a dairy-free customer try it, they’re floored,” she said proudly. One of the most intriguing chocolates would have to be the Orange Heart Truffle, developed for Heart Health Month. This is a dark chocolate ganache with hawthorn syrup, which helps lower cholesterol, paired with heart healthy spices like cayenne pepper and a twist of citrus.

Mosher currently distributes to 12 stores, including Mountain Mama Natural Foods, Ola Juice Bar, and Ranch Foods Direct. Her business also travels to farmers markets all around the state and she ships products nationwide. Get ready for your chocolate fix, CC students, because Mosher is currently in the process of opening two storefronts in Colorado Springs and Manitou springs. Find more information at the Radiantly Raw website.

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