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“Raw Chocolate – the unrefined fruit of the cacao tree, without added sugar, milk or vegetable fat – is nutritionally superior to even the highest quality dark chocolate. This is because it isn’t roasted, but minimally processed at low temperatures.”

– The Economist

Raw What?

If you’re new to the wonderful world of raw chocolate, you may not realize that it doesn’t have much in common with the chocolate you’re probably used to. While milk chocolate and most dark chocolate have added sugar, milk, and vegetable fat, raw chocolate doesn’t contain any of these things – and yet we think it’s even more delicious.


When cacao beans are roasted and chocolate is tempered, naturally-occurring compounds, enzymes, and nutrients are destroyed due to the high heat and alkaline setting the ingredients are exposed to. Your body has a hard time absorbing many (if any) nutrients from roasted chocolate. Raw chocolate, however, is much better for you.

Chocolate that is raw is more powerful in its natural state, and it helps the body absorb more important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Plus, Radiantly Raw Chocolate consists solely of three nutrient-dense superfoods: cacao, coconut oil, and honey. That’s it – no scary chemicals, no added sugar. Studies show that our three vitamin-packed ingredients have a multitude of health benefits – so ditch the milky stuff and go raw!

Also, an added bonus: Radiantly Raw Chocolate is GMO-free and dairy-free.

Benefits of Eating Raw Chocolate

Keeps You Young

Coconut oil has a positive anti-oxidizing effect on the body, which helps keep your organs (like your heart and skin) happy and healthy. 

Combine that with a little bit of raw cacao, and your body will thank you for it. With a 10% concentration of antioxidants, cacao boasts more than almost any other food, including blueberries, green tea, and wine.

Honey is also rich in antioxidants, so you’re looking at the ultimate anti-aging trifecta. In other words, you’ll live longer and have more time to eat chocolate. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Boosts Your Immune System

Put down the cough drops and the tissue box – you won’t need them as much once you let raw chocolate boost your immune system. Both coconut oil and honey are anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Raw, local honey can prevent allergies and can treat upper respiratory infections. Honey is also packed with vitamin C, which helps keep the sniffles away.

Better Option for Diabetics

Diabetics, put away that sugar-free chocolate (aspartame = bad news) and go for some raw chocolate instead. Not only does it taste better, it’s also better for you.

Studies show that coconut oil can help improve the efficiency with which your body uses insulin. It also positively affects hormones for blood-sugar control. Raw cacao is safe for diabetics, as it raises blood sugar less than any other food and is also said to raise insulin sensitivity. Honey is a natural sugar and has a much lower glycemic index than refined sugar, so you’re getting a triple-dose of healthy goodness in each bite.

Keeps Your Ticker Pumpin’

Protect your heart! Cacao is rich in flavanols, which actively lower blood pressure, and also contain theobromine, a mild diuretic and cardio stimulant. Flavanoids, found in both cacao and honey, help protect your heart against toxins, improve your circulation, and keep your heartbeat regular. Plus, cacao and honey both contain heart-healthy copper and potassium. Your doctor will be wondering what your secret is. (It’s okay. You can share the good news.)

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Speaking of your heart, here’s another reason why you should indulge in raw chocolate. Coconut oil lowers bad cholesterol by converting it to pregnenolone, a molecule that is a precursor to necessary hormones. Lauric acid, a type of medium-chain triglyceride found in organic virgin coconut oil, has been shown to increase good HDL cholesterol, which improves cholesterol ratio levels in the blood. Studies show that honey also improves good HDL cholesterol and lowers LDL levels. Translation: your heart will be better equipped to take that nasty cholesterol and tell it to scram.

Heats Things Up

Who says chocolate is only meant for the kitchen? Not us! Cacao, a well-known aphrodisiac, increases energy, excitement, physical strength, endurance, and sex drive because of phenylethylamine, also known as the love chemical. Now, if that isn’t a good reason to add some raw chocolate to your life, we don’t know what is.

Reduces Inflammation

Honey, I shrank the… vascular tissues? Studies show after test subjects consumed honey for 2 weeks, CRP—a byproduct of inflammation—dropped significantly.

Takes You to Your Happy Place

We always knew that chocolate makes everything better, but here’s some scientific evidence. For those feel-good warm fuzzies, cacao’s your answer. To put that smile on your face, it consists of numerous natural chemical compounds (tryptophan, phenylethylamine, theobromine, and others) that help improve your mood and concentration. Tryptophan, specifically, aids in the production of serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant, reducing anxiety as well as PMS symptoms (in women, of course!) It also stimulates the secretion of endorphins and anandamide, which boost and elevate your mood. 

Cacao is possibly the richest available dietary source of magnesium, a mineral that boosts your nervous system—aiding in the elimination of confusion, irritability, muscular restlessness, and difficulty remembering and concentrating. Also, studies show that raw honey calms nerves, reduces anxiety, and helps you sleep like a baby. 

Improves Thyroid Function

Trust us: you want your thyroid to be in good working order. It might look like just another gland, but it has special powers: it boosts your energy levels, metabolism, and endurance. Studies show that coconut oil can help improve and even restore normal thyroid function.

Tastes Better Than Your Vitamins

You might forget to take your daily multi-vitamin, but trust us: you’ll never forget to eat your daily dose of raw chocolate! Luckily for you, it happens to be loaded with 300+ chemically identifiable compounds, including high levels of iron, which keep your blood oxidated. High levels of sulfur contribute to strong hair and nails, and calcium naturally helps strengthen your bones. Raw chocolate also contains protein, carotene, thiamine, dietary fiber, zinc and riboflavin. On top of all those great benefits, there’s also coconut oil, which contributes to better digestion, helping the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Revs Your Metabolism

Who says chocolate is bad for your waistline? They’re totally lying to you – truth is, raw chocolate can actually help boost your metabolism. (Yeah, go ahead and do your happy dance. No one’s looking.)

Here’s the good news: raw cacao has been proven to suppress appetite. Plus, coconut oil is packed with medium chain triglycerides, which aid the liver in burning energy more efficiently. A 2009 study showed that women who took two tablespoons of coconut oil a day for 12 weeks lost weight and reduced their abdominal fat, a type of fat that contributes to heart problems and is harder to lose. Why take two tablespoons a day when you can consume it in your chocolate?


We do not recommend this product for women who are pregnant or individuals who have serious health conditions because of the use of raw, unfiltered honey. Please consult your doctor if you have an existing condition before consuming.

Because raw chocolates aid in the production of pure, natural energy, it is recommended that they are not consumed too late in the afternoon if you have trouble sleeping.

Allergen info:
All of our products are processed on equipment that also process some nuts and may contain trace amounts of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts and cashews.

Any person with health issues or medical concerns should first take advice from a health professional before consuming our product. We are not doctors and most of the information we provide is reliant on resources that have been provided below. We encourage you to read further and draw your own conclusions about raw eating. Although we strongly believe that diet is key to the bodies healing process, we recommend that you work closely with your physician while deciding what is right for you and your body. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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