Raw Honey Separated: Is It Still Good to Use?

Are you a fan of raw honey? If so, you may have noticed that sometimes your jar of honey separates into two different consistencies over time. This is perfectly normal and happens due to the natural process called crystallization.

What is Crystallization in Honey?

Crystallization occurs when glucose sugar molecules separate from water molecules in honey. The result is that the mixture becomes solid or semi-solid, which can lead people to believe that their honey has gone bad. However, this is not true because crystallized honey still maintains its nutritional value and flavor.

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The texture of crystallized honey depends on various factors like temperature, humidity level, type of floral nectar it’s made from and how long it’s been stored. If you leave raw honey for too long without consuming it or storing it properly at room temperature away from direct sunlight; chances are high that your honey will start to crystalize.

How Do You Know When Your Honey Has Crystalized?

If you see a change in color or consistency within your jar – this could be an indication that your raw honey has begun to crystalize. Usually, when a jar of raw unprocessed organic homemade pure golden-colored liquid turns partially granulated resulting in little bits forming around the walls or bottom portion- then yes! That’s what crystallization looks like.

However, if there is anything else amiss with the look smell texture then exercise caution as these could be warning signs indicating spoilage taking place.

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Can You Still Eat Separated Raw Honey?

Yes! Absolutely! Separated (crystalized) organic raw unpasteurized wild-flower nectar extracted by bees contains all sorts of beneficial vitamins minerals antioxidants enzymes amino acids flavonoids polyphenols etc., which makes its use highly recommended even after separation takes place.

It’s important to note here though – that not all honey varieties are created equal – so it’s always best to buy raw organic honey from a farmer’s market or the local store, which sells pure and unadulterated honey.

What If You Don’t Like The Crystalized Texture?

If you don’t like the texture of crystallization that happens in your jar – there is no need to worry. Simply place it in a bowl of warm water for some time, then stir gently till everything comes back into its liquid state again.

However, one should avoid heating honey at extremely high temperatures as this can destroy important enzymes naturally found within this golden goodness we call raw unpasteurized wild-flower nectar extracted by bees!

So next time when you see separated/raw Honey in your pantry – don’t panic! It’s still good to use even after separation. Just give it some warmth and enjoy all its benefits without any worries.

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