Raw Milk Powder

If you’re interested in raw eating, then you’ve probably come across the term “raw milk powder” before. But what is it, and why would anyone want to use it? In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about raw milk powder.

What Is Raw Milk Powder?

Raw milk powder is exactly what it sounds like – powdered milk that comes from raw (unpasteurized) milk. The process of creating raw milk powder involves removing all of the water from fresh, whole raw cow’s or goat’s milk. This leaves behind a concentrated form of the nutrients found in regular milk.

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How Is It Different Than Regular Milk Powder?

Regular powdered milk is made by heating pasteurized skimmed-milk until most of the liquid has evaporated. As a result, many of the vitamins and minerals are lost in this process. However, with raw milk powder, because there isn’t any heat used during processing; more nutrients remain intact.

Why Use Raw Milk Powder?

One reason people might choose to use raw milk powder over regular powdered or liquid forms of dairy products is that they believe that it retains more nutrients than other types of processed dairy foods do once they have been heated and treated with chemicals such as antibiotics and growth hormones.

Additionally, some people find that they simply feel better when consuming unprocessed foods like these rather than ones which have undergone extensive processing methods.

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Another advantage that comes with using this type instead could be its longer shelf life since there are no additives present like preservatives or stabilizers which can contribute towards spoilage over time.

Finally- for those who are lactose intolerant – using dry mixtures may help them avoid symptoms associated with digestion difficulties caused by lactose intake since many individuals find them easier on their digestive systems overall due largely thanks again partly due not only because fewer carbohydrates typically exist within these non-liquid forms but also because they contain lactase enzymes which can help break down some of those difficult-to-digest sugars.

How Can You Use Raw Milk Powder?

Raw milk powder can be used in any way you would typically use regular milk or powdered milk. It is often used as a base for smoothies, baking recipes, and other desserts. Additionally, it makes an excellent addition to coffee or tea since it doesn’t dilute the drink like liquid dairy products do.

Is It Safe To Consume Raw Milk Products?

It’s essential to note that consuming raw dairy products does come with risks associated with foodborne illnesses such as E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria. These bacteria can exist in the raw milk itself before processing occurs; however there are no guarantees that all harmful organisms have been eliminated through drying process either.

Therefore – when consuming this type of product always ensure that you purchase from reputable sources who meet standards set by your local health authorities for safety and sanitation procedures during production processes so that these potential health hazards are minimized if not completely avoided altogether!

Remember- always follow proper hygiene protocols when preparing foods at home too!


Raw milk powder is an excellent choice for those interested in raw eating because it retains more nutrients than regular powdered or liquid forms of dairy products do once they have undergone extensive processing methods. However – individuals should remember to consume this type only after ensuring their source meets adequate criteria surrounding food safety regulations regarding the handling process involved beforehand!

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