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Cacao Butter

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cacao butter raw.jpg

Cacao Butter

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Cacao butter can be edible and is also one of the most nourishing ingredients for skin and hair. This is a pale yellow oil extract from the Cacao bean. It has a very distinct and delicious aroma and flavor. In Ancient Greece, it was dubbed the food of gods and rightly so.

Top Health Benefits:

  • Nutrition. Cacao butter is the by-product of Cacao beans which are considered a superfood in their raw and unprocessed form.

  • Prevents Aging.

  • Stretch Marks.

  • Weight Gain.

  • Source of Vitamins and Minerals.

  • Balancing Mood Swings.

  • Source of Energy.

  • Healthy Hair and Nails

How to use:

  • Break off a piece and have at it!

  • Blend in with a smoothies for great chocolate taste and aroma.

  • Create homemade body butters

  • D.I.Y treatments for hair, skin, and nails.

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