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Raw Cacao (Nibs/Powder)

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Raw Cacao (Nibs/Powder)

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You are looking at the highest quality raw cacao in the world. Grown in lava soil, it's free from heavy metals and tests off the charts in nutrients and antioxidants. Also, raw cacao in the highest source of magnesium you can find in a food source. Add the nibs on top of yogurt, oatmeal, or our vanilla cashew butter. The powder is great to add into smoothies. 

Top Health Benefits of Raw Cacao:

  • Heart Health, lowers blood pressure, mild diuretic, cardio stimulant, high source of copper and potassium, high in flavanoids which protect your heart from toxins
  • Weight Loss (Appetite suppressant - reduces cravings)
  • Nature's Multivitamin: 300+ compounds and minerals
  • Safe for Diabetics, raises insulin sensitivity and positively affects hormones for blood-sugar control
  • Increases energy by releasing runner's high and the bliss chemical in your brain
  • Powerful aphrodisiac
  • Beauty: Anti aging due to being the highest source of antioxidants, Contributes to strong hail and nails due to high levels or sulfur and calcium 
  • Top anti-anxiety, anti-depression superfood due to being the #1 food source of magnesium and a high source of B vitamins. It also give you an instant mood boost by releasing numerous chemicals in your brain upon consumption. 

How to use:

  • Make a chocolate banana or chocolate strawberry smoothie
  • Top your yogurt or acai bowl with cacao numbers
  • Mix into coconut milk with raw honey for a sweet, healthy chocolate milk
  • DO NOT heat above 115 degrees, as that will damage a majority of the nutrients and enzymes that make it so good for you.

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